Our Services

Our Dinner Party Service is the perfect choice if you want a restaurant in your own home. Imagine no taxis, no waiting for a table, no other people around. Some of our clients have described it as an evening of pure decandence.

Marcus comes to your house a couple of weeks before hand to check your kitchen facilities, build and bespoke a menu to your requirements and discuss whether you need coloured table linen, exclusive cutlery, glassware and flowers to match the furnishings. He can incorporate your favourite dishes, e.g. reproduce the menu from your wedding day if you wish.

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On the day itself, Marcus and a member of our waiting staff arrives approximately 3 hours before the arrival of your guests. They set the dining area and then they are hard at work in the kitchen putting the finishing touched to the evening’s cuisine. Once the guests arrive (the guests can be greeted by Marcus’ staff) the usual format is Champagne and canapes on arrival for approximately 45 minutes. You can mingle with your guests and relax safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Marcus’s staff then invite the guests into your perfectly presented dining room, which adds a sense of occasion and style to the evening. From this stage onwards it is like being in your own exclusive restaurant, where you will be served with outstanding cuisine, discerning wine, then freshly brewed coffee and chocolates to conclude. (Customers are free to provide their own wine if they prefer).

Please contact us with your dinner party requirements through our contact page. We look forward to discussing your future plans with you.